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The BASIC model is specifically engineered to provide the highest level of flood protection for a limited geographic area in the minimum response time. It is ideal for protecting residences and small businesses against flood surges of up to 2.5' over relatively short distances of between roughly 32' and 164'.

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The NoFloods SEMI-PRO solution offers professional flexible and cost-efficient medium-scale flood protection made of one Terminal with two tubes or one Junction with four tubes. The tubes' extremities that are not connected to the terminal/ junction have the basic end, hence the names of SEMI-PRO. Deployment is automatic: the barrier unrolls itself on the ground while inflated with air.



The NoFloods Pro Barrier solution offers professional, flexible and cost-efficient large scale flood protection. The NoFloods Basic can typically be deployed 1,000 meters with the assistance of 4 men within 4 hours.

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The innovative technology used to inflate flood protection barriers can also be used to rapidly deploy highly efficient and cost-effective containment reservoirs for the temporary storage of a wide range of liquids.

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Floodblock inflatable barriers are extremely versatile and have many applications. They can be installed on dry land to prevent flooding, but can also be deployed directly in a body of water such as a lake, pond, stream or a river

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