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NOFLOOD PRO barriers are ideal for responding to large scale flooding quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. They have a set of unique attributes that are designed to provide the maximum level of flood protection for a large geographic area, in the minimum response time at competitive prices.

• Strong, Flexible yet Extremely Light
NOFLOOD PRO barriers are made from tough rip-resistant material and aluminum junctions that are specifically engineered to be as light as possible without compromising strength or flexibility. This allows rapid deployment of long segments of tubes in a linear fashion, on a curb or in a circular pattern. The barrier can even turn on a sharp angle at junction points to avoid obstacles on the ground.

• Mobile, Modular and Easy to Deploy
Because NOFLOOD PRO barriers are much lighter than similar products currently available on the market and are modular, they can be transported and deployed with greater ease and at a lower cost to provide flood protection over larger distances in less time. Individual segments are also easier to lift and assemble requiring fewer resources and personnel on the ground to deploy. The barrier can be extended indefinitely by adding new modular sections.

• Rapid Filling Rate from a Single Access Point
NOFLOOD barriers are not just easy to deploy, they are also easy to inflate. High volume pumps are used to first fill the tubes with air in order to stabilize the barrier. The air is then replaced with water which can be pumped from a single access point to form a solid barrier in a fraction of the time it would take to raise a sandbag barricade of equal height, length, and depth.

• Safe, Stable and Suitable for a Range of Terrain Types
NOFLOOD PRO barriers consist of either two or three parallel tubes that are joined at the seams. Once filled with water, the sheer weight of the tubes combined with drag forms a safe and stable barrier that remains stationary. Barriers can be deployed on virtually any surface and mold to the contours of the terrain. A special membrane can be attached to the base of tubes to further increase stability and reduce seepage.

• Adaptable to Flood Surges of Different Magnitude
NOFLOOD PRO barriers are available in several sizes so that our customers can choose cost-effective solutions that are custom-tailored to respond to floods of different magnitude. The biggest NOFLOOD PRO barriers can block flood surges of up to just under 4 feet, and barriers can be configured to handle flood surges of even greater magnitude.


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Product Information

Material Strength: Despite being light and easily transported, our terminals and junction and our tubes are created with tough and durable material. They are designed for prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions. The NoFloods Basic is made from double woven polypropylene. They are rip-resistant and UV treated. They have a high flexibility rate and can withstand temperatures between -40° Celcius - 50° Celcius.

Expandable Length: NoFloods Pro Barriers are available in 2 sizes. 164' and 656'. The NoFloods Pro Barriers can be extended indefinitely by joining modules end to end and connecting the tubes aluminon junctions points making it possible to extend the length of flood protection. 

Terrian Types: NoFloods Barriers can be installed on virtually any terrain type and substrate with a gradient of up to 10° including sand, grass, gravel, asphalt, concrete and more. The type of terrain barriers are deployed on affects the amount of ground friction generated by water-filled tubes. Some types of substrate such as gravel are more prone to minimize seepage. Ground friction can be increased and seepage can be reduced by simply adding a special membrane to the base of tubes. 

NOFLOODS Pro Models:  


    • TWIN PRO 60

    • TWIN PRO 125


    • TRIPLE PRO 60

    • TRIPLE PRO 125

Diameter and Height                            

  • Twin Pro 60: 1.9' / 1.6'

  • Twin Pro 125: 4' / 3.6' 

  • Triple Pro 60: 1.9' / 2.2'

  • Triple Pro 125: 4' / 5.6' 


Dry & Installed Weight: 


  • NOFLOODS TWIN PRO 60: 3 lbs / y²

  • NOFLOODS TWIN PRO 125: 7 lbs  / y²

  • NOFLOODS TRIPLE PRO 60: 41 lbs  / y²

  • NO FLOODS TRIPLE PRO 125: 90 lbs  / y²



  • NOFLOODS TWIN PRO 60: 986 lbs / y²

  • NOFLOODS TWIN PRO 125: 4330 lbs  / y²

  • NOFLOODS TRIPLE PRO 60: 1200 lbs  / y²

  • NO FLOODS TRIPLE PRO 125: 5160 lbs  / y²

Flood Height: Several factors such as terrain type and amount of friction generated by the weight of the tubes influences the actual flood level serge that the NOFLOODS Basic barriers can block.


Flood Level Heights: 

  • Twin Pro 60: 1'

  • Twin Pro 125: 2.6'

  • Triple Pro 60:  1.6' 

  • Triple Pro 125: 3.6' 

Easy & Rapid Installation: Approximately 1 hour for 656' preassembled 


The tubes can be deployed in 4 easy steps

Step One: transport to site 

Step Two: Place terminals (when necessary) & deploy tubes 

Step Three:  connect tubes to terminals and tighten straps.

Step Four: connect pumps, and fill tubes with water while releasing air. 


Floodblock Inflatable Barriers are extremely tough. They are made from a thick double woven fabric that can not only withstand tremendous pressure and abuse but is also rip-resistant. This means that even if a tube is punctured, the tear in the fabric will not grow wider and the barrier will not split open or collapse during a flood surge.

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