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The BASIC model is specifically engineered to provide the highest level of flood protection for a limited geographic area in the minimum response time. It is ideal for protecting residences and small businesses against flood surges of up to 2.5' over relatively short distances of between roughly 32' and 164'.

Typically, an 82' section of BASIC barrier protection can be deployed without requiring any special equipment or additional preparation and can be filled with water in approximately half an hour by 2 people.

BASIC barriers are also designed to provide the maximum degree of flexibility. They can bend on a sharp angle at any point along the barrier and are therefore perfect for bypassing physical obstacles on the ground to create complex geometric defense perimeters in crowded urban settings that protect buildings and houses.

Under certain circumstances, NOFLOOD BASIC barriers can be extended to cover longer distances, but we generally recommend using NOFLOOD PRO barriers for protection against large scale floods.



Material Strength: Despite being light and easily transported, our tubes and the fabric that they are created with are tough and durable. They are designed for prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions. The NoFloods Basic is made from double woven polypropylene. They are rip-resistant and UV treated. They have a high flexibility rate and can withstand temperatures between -40° Celcius - 50° Celcius.

Barrier Length: NOFLOODS Basic Barrier comes in two lengths, 164' and 656'.

Terrian Types: NoFloods Barriers can be installed on virtually any terrain type and substrate with a gradient of up to 10° including sand, grass, gravel, asphalt, concrete and more. The type of terrain barriers are deployed on affects the amount of ground friction generated by water-filled tubes. Some types of substrate such as gravel are more prone to minimize seepage. Ground friction can be increased and seepage can be reduced by simply adding a special membrane to the base of tubes. 


  • BASIC 60

  • BASIC 125

Diameter & Height: 

NOFLOODS Basic 60: Diameter: 1.9'  Height: 1.6'

NOFLOODS Basic 125: Diameter: 4' Height: 3.6'

Dry & Installed Weight: 


  • NOFLOODS Basic 60: 3 lbs / y²

  • NOFLOODS Basic 125: 7 lbs  / y²



  • NOFLOODS Basic 60: 986 lbs  / y²

  • NOFLOODS Basic 125: 4330 / y²

Flood Height: Several factors such as terrain type and amount of friction generated by the weight of the tubes influences the actual flood level serge that the NOFLOODS Basic barriers can block.


Flood Level Heights: 

  • NOFLODOS BASIC 60: 1' 

  • NOFLODS BASiC 125: 2.6' 

Easy & Rapid Installation: Approximately 1/2 hour for 82' preassembled 


The tubes can be deployed in 4 easy steps

Step One: transport to site 

Step Two: Place terminals (when necessary) & deploy tubes 

Step Three:  connect tubes to terminals and tighten straps.

Step Four: connect pumps, and fill tubes with water while releasing air. 


For easy installation, our Basic Starter Kit can be purchased for a smooth installation process. 

Floodblock Inflatable Barriers are extremely tough. They are made from a thick double woven fabric that can not only withstand tremendous pressure and abuse but is also rip-resistant. This means that even if a tube is punctured, the tear in the fabric will not grow wider and the barrier will not split open or collapse during a flood surge.

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