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Floodblock inflatable barriers are extremely versatile and have many applications. They can be installed on dry land to prevent flooding, but can also be deployed directly in a body of water such as a lake, pond, stream or a river to create a dam, divert the course of water, isolate and drain an inundated area, speed up the cleanup of flooded zones, facilitate excavation, construction, and repair of submerged structures

Rapid and Easy Deployment of Barriers in Water

The process of deploying Floodblock barriers in a body of water is even simpler than deploying inflatable barriers on dry land. The tubes do not need to be filled with air in order to stabilize the barrier before filling them with water. On-site water is simply pumped into twin tubes in a controlled fashion to build up internal pressure and gradually form a strong solid barrier. Because Floodblock inflatable dams are light and modular, they can be easily transported to the desired location and quickly installed with very few resources or personnel.

Enhancing Barrier Stability Deployed in Water

Once the dam is fully deployed, it remains stable and stationary. The structure will not drift or float. It is held in place by the combined pressure exerted by the water surrounding the barrier, the weight of the filled tubes and friction on the ground. They can be installed in still or rushing water and are suitable for all types of substrates such as grass, gravel, and asphalt. A special skirt can be attached to the base of tubes to increase drag, minimize skidding and further enhance stability.

Flexible Configuration of Inflatable Water Dams

Because Floodblock barriers are highly flexible and modular, they can be deployed in a range of configurations and extended to the desired length. This makes it possible to create complex barrier patterns in the water. They can be used to isolate a submerged area around a pillar or bridge footing to conduct repairs, or to create a dry corridor in a river in order to conduct dredging operations while allowing the river to flow freely outside the channel without interfering with navigation.

Durable Damming Solutions

Floodblock inflatable dams are made from extremely durable material that is specifically designed to withstand extreme conditions. The length of time an inflatable dam can remain exposed to the elements depends on the type of material used in its fabrication and environmental conditions on the ground. Naturally, when the integrity of a particular section of the dam is compromised, it can easily be replaced. This ensures that inflatable dams can remain in place for extended periods of time and stay operational as long as needed.

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