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CASE STUDIES          


New York State Department Of Homeland Security – New York, USA

In late summer 2019 the Department of Homeland Security purchased 800+ yards of Flood Control Barriers to protect the upstate New York township of Ontario bordering the Great Lakes which was the cause of their massive flood damage.

Long Island Railroad – New York, USA

In the summer of 2018, the LIRR purchased nearly a quarter mile of Flood Control Barriers to protect their perimeters of their West Side Yard in Manhattan, which has been flooded during Hurricane Sandy and other storms. Flood Block will offer ongoing training to LIRR staff to ensure the barriers are safely and quickly deployed when flooding is a threat.


Securite Civile – France

Since 2007, the French Department of Civil Defence and Emergency Preparedness, Security Civile, has had the NOFLOOD Barriers as their preferred flood protection solution. In 2014 alone, the Security Civile deployed NOFLOOD Barriers 5 times successfully protecting cities such as Pontivy, Redon, Josselin, Dax, and Mont de Marsan.

Roskilde Fire Brigade - Denmark

Based on the experiences and massive flood damages following the storm in 2013, where no protection measures were successfully installed, the local Emergency Preparedness Department, Roskilde Fire brigade, installed in cooperation with Environment Solutions approximately 1000 meters of NOFLOODBarriers, successfully protecting the lowest-lying areas against the fjord waters and against the elevated water level in the watercourses


Keg Gaz – Hungary

In June 2013, large parts of central Europe experienced extreme weather that resulted in extensive flooding (eg. in Germany, Austria, and Hungary, where the Danube overflowed its banks.) KEG GAZ in Dunaalmas, 80 km north of Budapest has a large underground gas reservoir. With the river flowing just 30 to 40 meters from the gas reservoir the possible intrusion of water would increase the risk of a possible gas leak considerably. In just 5 hours Environment Solutions encircled the gas terminal with 400 meters of NOFLOOD Barrier successfully protecting the gas terminal for 7 days.

Apele Roman – Romania

The "Romanian Waters" National Administration is responsible for the defense against floods through the work of the Water Management units found in its administration and manages the stocks of materials and specific means of defense against floods that have purchased the + 20 km of NOFLOOD Barrier solutions.

Municipality Of Bohinj – Slovenia

The Municipality of Bohinj invested in 2014 in NOFLOOD Barrier solutions for flood protection and cofferdams.

Copenhagen Fire Brigade – Denmark

The City of Copenhagen has improved its preparedness by purchasing NOFLOOD Barriers which can also function as a reservoir when the cities need to store rainwater or wastewater.

Frederiksberg Fire Brigade - Denmark

The City of Frederiksberg has improved its climate change preparedness by purchasing 1,200 meters of NOFLOOD Barrier System of varying lengths facilitating both small and large-scale flood protection.

Powerplant - United Kingdom

To improve their risk preparedness a nuclear powerplant located in the UK purchased NOFLOOD Solutions to form reservoirs in case of potential leakage from power stations.

Ramathibody Hospital – Thailand

Ramathibodi Hospital is equipped with one of the most advanced high-technology equipment in the world. To improve its preparedness and protect the hospital against flooding, the Ramathobodi Hospital in Bangkok has invested in NOFLOOD Barriers.

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency Msb - Sweden

In cooperation with the MSB, approximately 200 meters of NOFLOOD Barriers were successfully deployed along a riverbank in Lonnegerga in April 2010. The MSB is responsible for all issues concerning civil protection, public safety, emergency management, and civil defense.

Manitoba Water Stewardship – Canada

Approximately 200 meters of NOFLOOD Barrier was successfully installed along the riverbank of the Red River, Manitoba.

National State Fire Service - Poland

In cooperation with the National Fire Service, NOFLOOD Barriers were deployed during flooding successfully protecting threatened areas against flooding.

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